Tits McGee (aleyina) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Tits McGee

New stuffs!

LJ won't let me do a cut D:

My DX Victini in the same pose he is always in!

Cutest Pika Plush in my room! :D

Adorable vinyl pikachu!
Arcanine toy
And Meowth ceramic bank. I love them all!!

These are for sale!
Ceramic Pokemon banks. Pretty good size!

Also not pictured are some kids (like Mudkip!) and Meowth cot figure :3
I am still waiting on a few packages from dewott, omgitslph and cuddlefist. Hopefully they arrive soon for more updates!
I am also STILL waiting on a package from Noppin *sigh* :(

Anyone else feel that quake? I am east in TN and felt a slight rumble.
Tags: arcanine, meowth, minun, mudkip, pikachu, plusle, torchic, victini
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