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Hey all!  My final NW run this summer is going to be this Friday 8/26! Runs will start up again when I return from Japan December 22nd (in time for the new stock) so if there's something you want get it now! Slots are open below.   E-CHECKS WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT BE ACCEPTED THIS TIME AROUND. There are 10 slots now but I will open more if needed.

Slot 1: parsnippie-Lapras pokedoll

Slot 2: brin073-Zorua plush

Slot 3: pantherotter-Pignite medium plush
Slot 4: dragonrider49-Mew and Dialga Pokedolls
Slot 5:
kenai3000-Oshawott plush

Slot 6: lyndsaygorawr-Giratina (altered)
Slot 7:
Slot 8:
Slot 9:
Slot 10:

Here are the current plushes in stock:

Here is the 1st payment (this payment is due by Thursday night at Midnight EST the latest!):
    -Pokedolls-$11 each
    -Plushes-$11 each
    -Medium Plushes-$14 each
    -Large Plushes-$33 each

Here is the 2nd payment (due once I return Friday night):
    -Pokedolls-$9 plus shipping
    -Plushes-$9 plus shipping
    -Medium plushes-$10 plus shipping
    -Big plush-$8 plus shipping

All prices are in USD.

-Shipping within the US will be $4, International will be $6 (FOR POKEDOLLS, PLUSHES, and MEDIUM PLUSHES)
-Shipping for big plushes within the US will be $8, please ask for International as prices vary.
-Shipping is combined for multiple purchases
-All packages sent within the US have tracking, insurance is available for an extra $2
-There is no tracking or insurance available for international packages (sorry guys, the post office is evil)

-If the plush you want is not in stock when I go you will be given a full refund of your 1st payment.
-You are more than welcome to list a backup for the current run should your plush not be in stock and you want another.

-I will make another post Thursday night with the 2nd payment totals and with any refunds.

Special discounts if: 

5 slots have been filled! These apply now!-
The price of Pokedolls and regular plushes will drop down to $18
The price of medium plushes will drop down to $22
The price of big plushes wil drop down to $38

I still have a few plushes left in my sales that need to get gone before I leave! They are: Snivy plush, Umbreon pokedoll, Banpresto Raikou plush all MWT.  They can be found here (except Raikou because I haven't had time to get a pic, ask if you would like to see one):
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