gluevah (gluevah) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Small collection update :3

I got a package in the mail today, which was a great mood booster. It seems like whenever I get a package from someone in this comm it comes on a day where I need cheering up. XD

I got my second-ever pokedoll today, from the super awesome havvaiibabe
:D Giratina's pokedoll is so big :o It was pretty surprising. Look at his grumpy little face! X3 I have another package coming, but he's just so cute I had to post >w<

Behold his majesty, guys. Behold it. He's so soft and cute, I just want to take him everywhere with me. But I don't want him to get dirty >.>

Mew greets the new family member :>

Sewaddle decides to bug (ohohoho) Giratina for a ride :o

Giratina is not amused.

That's it for this update :D Thanks for looking~!
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