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Curiosity About When To Ship

Hello to all! I still haven't mailed everything out yet because I thought, maybe, it was proper etiquette to wait for everyone to pay before shipping items out. >.> Is that the best way to do it or should I ship the items out that have been paid for and wait for the rest once they are paid? I talked with kaygee84 about this and he said the latter is best. I just want everyone's opinion; especially the ones who have been selling on here for quite awhile.

I plan on shipping everything out tomorrow. I'm awaiting payment from one person, so that package will remain on hold. Thank you all for your cooperation. It's very much appreciated! ^_^

EDIT: Thank you all for your help! :) I think I have a good idea of how to conduct business in the future. Since this was my first tim selling on here, I was kinda winging it; hoping everything would go smoothly. Luckily, I only had one mishap. My fault entirely. -_- I will be more professional in the future. I also now know the value of researching international shipping costs. I'm kinda dreading what tomorrow's shipping costs are gonna total. ^^;;
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