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~ * Pokemon Egg Pillow Commissions * ~

Something special for me has come up, so for this one time only I will be making Pokemon Egg Pillows for only $15.00 shipped in the US!  I have plenty of flannel in my hands right now, and would love to have a few egg designs to create to help me meet my special goal and spend some bonding time with my machine~

Here are some previous commissions for preview~


I got sales permission July 2010, Nightmare got permission March 2010.

 These pillows are handmade by me, design and all!  They are 8x8" and are the perfect size for displaying on shelves. ;3

 All egg pillows are $15 shipped in the US, and $25 shipped anywhere else! Also for this time only since the funds for these are going to something very special if you buy 3 egg pillows get the 4th one free! <3

 All community rules apply - backing out of an order WILL get you negative feedback.

 I will only take Paypal payments and must receive payment in 24 hours after I give you the total.

 Shipping is included in the price~

 Once a package is mailed I can not be held responsible. That being said I haven't lost a package or had one arrived damage. <3 

 I have the right to refuse to sell to anybody, especially if you have negative feedback or if I have had trouble with you in the past.

 Yes, fakemon and people/trainers/gym leaders etc. are alright to ask for! I have no problem making designs for them! :)

 I will only trade for an Emolga Pokedoll at this time. Otherwise I am not interested in trades. <3 

 If you would like to check out my feedback, here it is:


As for my other custom status', the pokedoll tags' sketchs just got given to me and are getting the final touchs of coloring and will be laminated and shipped this week! <3

Tags: cofagrigus, custom, deerling, emolga, oshawott, snivy, whimsicott, woobat
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