Julie X. Fox (invader_julie) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Julie X. Fox


space_fight & featherclaw :: I received the v-trainer pack today and will be mailing out your parts of the package tomorrow! :D I will be posting again once I've mailed out the v-trainers with tracking numbers so I can give them to you guys, also. <3

penanna :: I will be mailing your Light Togetic tomorrow, as well! I was waiting on something from wolvenillusion before I mailed it, and I should have it tonight. (: ! So be expecting it!

216handsbound :: I got Chatot today!! He's so TINY. o___o I didn't realize he was so leeettle! And OMFG you totally win AMAZING points because of those bonus cards, seriously! Birthday Pikachu and Lily Pad Mew!? I've been wanting those for YEARS .. YEARS!! ;___; I seriously, officially love you! <333

And I swear a sales post is coming. D: I'll post my updated collection (Mudkips and Typhlosions!) when I finish getting everything in from ebay. XD I'm still expecting another Typhlosion and I'm bidding on a Shining Mudkip, which is I believe the last card I need to complete my collection .. unless there are other promos or something out there!
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