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a very floony collection update~

sooooo I've been on and off the comm for a while due to lots of family drama this year, and currently need to distract myself from the most recent bit ^^; this plus reading a few comments about how there's not much drif merchandise has motivated me to do a collection update!

a quick refresher for those who might not remember me (I only post every couple months OTL), I'm Caryn, member since 2008, and I collect Rapidash and Drifloon for my mains, as well as Happiny, DX pokedolls and non-plush pokedoll merch, as well as a couple eeveelutions, Tepig, Munna, Gothita, and... too many side collections! ;A; I need to weed some stuff out soon.

Today is all about drifloon and drifblim, though~~~ This is a very image-heavy post!

Cups and "Sky Walk" merch!

The second one is from an adorable PokeCen promo~ I'm always looking for more items from it. Currently I've got two cups (pink and blue), a toothbrush (haha, not weird at all), a sandwich bento, and a plastic mat.

Said sandwich bento, and...

The mat is too big to easily photograph XD That's a regular size Dialga pokedoll on it, for scale.

Halloween 2008 Promo!


Close-up of why I wanted merch from this promo - drifloon dressed up as a ghost! ♥


I'm still looking for the large-size handkerchief from this promo, since it has the ghost!floon art ♥

Halloween 2009 Promo!

Big clearfile!



Stickers! I accidentally two sheets |D;


Oh, there you are! Yes, I had the foresight to order two of the keychain plush.

I'm only missing the mini clearfile from this promo, iirc (excluding the other keychain plush, which I'm not interested in ^^;). If you see one for sale/auction or know of other merch from this promo, please let me know!

Christmas 2006!

A box!

With a plate!

And stickers ♥ (the missing one was a riolu pokedoll that went to jodie~)

That's all I have right now from this promo, though I wouldn't mind adding more ^^ Not a huge priority, though.

Christmas Sweets! (2009)


Stickerssss. I really like stickers 8|

And tins. I really like tins.

Pokepark merch!


Game case (I couldn't resist using it ;A;) and fruit drop tin! Still has the candy ;3

This merch isn't from the Pokepark, but was a line featuring a pokemon amusement park in the Pokemon Centers. Still cute!

Keychains and Charms:

Nametag keychain

Screencleaner charm. So cute!

All three versions of the phone charm (Japanese, American, European). Looking for more!

10th Anniversary Drifblim keychain! There's a lovely postcard on the back, but I don't want to open the packaging.

Pokemon Kids:

Complete collection! I'm looking for a few more (preferably scuffed up/loved) drifloon kids to customize, so if you know where I can grab some for cheap, let me know~

Other Assorted Drifs~

TOMY~ I'm resigned to the fact that floon will never have one :'c I guess the arms would be too difficult.

Keshipoke~ My favorite blim figure.

Blim retsuden! I'm still looking for the other retsuden stamps, and willing to pay top dollar! These guys are fairly high priority.

Domino's pencilboard~

Movie pencilboard and sticker~

Bento flags and handkerchief.

Notebook! I don't know if this promo had a name, but I'm missing stuff from it ;___;



3d amada/retsuden magnet!

Hiragana poof! Floons help you learn!

Puzzle pieces!

Tiny playset sign :o IT'S REALLY TINY GUYS.

Projector keychain~

Osaka(?) clearfile~

Tin B)

BEST SIDE FOR LAST. I bet you all think I have too many tins. I have more in my other collections (3 pokedoll tins, 6 fire horse tins, aipom tin, lapras tin...). This one has a side that features "Sky Walk" art, but the other sides' art all had similar promo items, I believe.

Not a tin! Clearfile! I need the matching shopper bag :c


Osaka handkerchief - I'm looking for other items from this line! I really like the art, and I know there's stationary, bento items, and a tin.

Kite-thing! The actual mini-kite was thoroughly played with by my friends and myself, and met an unfortunate demise in a tree |D It didn't feature any of the pokemon on the cardboard, however.

Bromide cards and a magazine cutout~

Magnechips! :3

Coin medal! I'm missing the floon ;___; I also don't have any battrio of the drifs. Sell me some?

Daisuke club balloon! A balloon with balloons on it... designed by Xzibit? bad pun is bad


Chou get! I admit, I really love the tiny blims.

American merch!

One of several Jakks drifloons - I have it in every package released, because I'm obsessed.

I had a spare Jakks drifblim to unpackage, so I did! Also have one in every package released.

Jakks floon plush... I really don't like this one :|

Jakks blim plush! I love this guy ♥ Blim's only plush, and it looks so good!

Throwball plush~

aaaaaand a whole bunch of mixed flats to prove I do collect them:

I do need the English shiny floon (I have a shiny duskull if you want to trade!) and I'm interested in drif TCG that are in languages other than Japanese and English ^^

Shiny and Red floons!

Pokedolls by tacys~

Bell plush by shootthetanks~

Bell plush by flag~

Keychain by captainangel!

Redfloons by foureyedalien! ;3; I love the deflated/squished one ♥

Charm by reilaa!

Not-a-charm from shayminlove! She made this for my birthday and as a thanks to middling for her on y!j ♥ It's arms are poseable!

It's my goal to have 99 red drifloon customs ♥ If you do custom figures, plush, charms, or art, I might be interested~ I didn't include photographs of my flat redfloon customs because I fail OTL

I'm looking for the only drifloon plush I'm missing - the 吸盤スイングマスコット, or sucker swing mascot. Imagine a tiny drifloon hanging from a suction cup and wire. Why imagine? Because I can't find a picture! ;A; ////CRYING FOREVER

Anywho, I know this plush was released in 2008 along with piplup, combee, and burmy (all cloaks) by TOMY Heartland. I missed the plush being sold on amazon (never assume something will eventually show up on y!j!), and haven't been able to find them since. All online stores carrying these guys are out of stock, aside from the AG set ;__;

SO! I'm willing to offer money+the trade of one of my Halloween keychain drifloons. If you have any info on the sucker swing mascot, I will love you forever and shower you with internet cookies and pies and sweets. (Or prove me wrong about this set being released - I'll be sad, but at least know that I don't have to search any more.)

"You know you want me!"

I'm also interested in Ponyta/Rapidash TCG that are in languages other than English and Japanese -- especially Portuguese and Korean ♥ My next update will either be fire horses or DX pokedolls and pokedoll merch :3
Tags: collection, custom, drifblim, drifloon, plush, pokecen, wanted
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