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Lot & league sales!

So I decided it's time for some massive collection weeding. Or actually it can't really be called collection weeding because most of this stuff is something I never really even collected. I have just been gathering lots of stuff I don't need, so I decided to concentrate on my collections and find a better owner for these things. Sadly, the postage rates of Finland are terrible even when I'm using economy class mail, and that's why most of it will be sold as lots. GA's are totally approved if anyone wants to make one.

There are also a few items from the last TCG league cycle, and for example a couple of posters up for auction!

Sales permission granted on 03/02/11 by dakajojo

Feel free to haggle!

FCS figures lot - $70 shipped
77 figures and 20 bases, all except Weezing have a round FCS-like hole so I'm assuming they're FCS figures.
11 figures in the two front rows are clears.
Selling these separately! Taking offers of $1-5 each depending on popularity. And there might be discounts if you buy lots of them :3

Mini model & metal figure lot - $25 shipped
20 mini models
4 big mini models (two of which are missing pieces)
1 whatever-it-is-the-green-thing-in-the-back-row (it's not a Pokemon)
5 metal figures

Pikachu & Pichu lot - $35 shipped
random things of varying condition and unknown origin

Stamp lot - $25 shipped
a couple of stamps don't have caps

Mini figure lot - $20 shipped
Tiny figures of unknown origin
Heracross not included!

Random figure lot - $55 shipped
no idea about their origins, there might be a few booties included
Rayquaza and Roserade have been glued to their bases

Launch figures - both for $15 (+ shipping $10)
or one for $10, shipping won't change

The launchers are going to be included in the Kids GA!

Huge lot of kids!
Over 130 of them, including a few rare things. Should anyone want them all, I'm looking for about $200 plus shipping which will probably be $20-30.
But you can also make offers on individual figures! I'm looking for about $1-5 depending on the condition and popularity, maybe a bit more for clears and special ones. Just throw in a suggestion and it'll probably be fine. Many of them are a bit dirty since they have come in big lots and some have small scrathes/paint rubs. But nothing deadly, ask for more details if you want to know. :3
Some very flat kids might fit into a normal letter, but most of them won't so the shipping for up to 30 kids will be $10. So it's a good idea to buy a lot at once, right?

The lot is being GA'ed!

GA here! ^^

Now for league stuff!

Raichu - $8
Others - $6
I have a few of each.

Raichu - $6
Croconaw/Larvitar - $4
Once again, I have a few of each.

League posters up for auction!
They have been folded (as shown in the picture) and they have small creases and wrinkles.
Raichu starts at $15 (I'd like to get at least $20)
Charizard & Bellprout starts at $10 (I'd like to get at least $15)
The auctions end on September 1st 10PM CST.

Also, remember my regular sales! Everything can be combined with the things here :3

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