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adventures in baking

At 2 AM last night I had a crippling need for chocolate. Or cookies. Or anything sweet and edible that wasn't a palmful of sugar. I consulted my boys and they agreed they could use a treat too, and were eager to lend me a hand. We scoured the Internet for a simple recipe that our cupboards held the ingredients for, and also didn't require the use of anything electric (can't wake the neighbours!). We found one that looked just right and set to work.

They were a little sleepy, considering the time, and therefore a little clumsy. Poor Nathaniel. <3

Oh, look! Is it a Pokemon egg?

Oops. I suppose they should have had better warning...

Adorably oblivious Nate. Quick thinking, Nori. It's best this way. :(

Meme: Do your Pokemon help you cook? Or are they too afraid to get messy? :D I've seen a few people posting baking photos recently, and I think they're super cute. <3

On a side note, more mail has come, including a big box from allyson_x containing my custom Politoed plush (that I have temporarily nicknamed "Bigtoed")! The present pile grows:

I'm still expecting two more but I'm not sure if they'll come at the right time since I don't even know when they were mailed. XD I'll be opening the big Politoed box on my actual birthday (Friday! Squee!), which is good because the poor boy is literally stuffed to bursting inside the box, haha. The flaps that close the box are bulging. XD But his discomfort saved Allyson (and me) money, so he doesn't mind. :)

As for the rest of them, they're from my boyfriend but he has to work on my actual birthday so we're having a second celebration on Monday. I'll get to open the rest then, and so my collection update will be posted around that day too, so yay!

Sweet little Minty hopes Bigtoed will be a handsome Politoed~ And Nori just loves having new friends!

Tacking on a side note here: I can't buy anything at the moment due to no monies, but I was wondering if anyone had a mint Turtwig capsule toy from this series:

Mint being, I'd really prefer it to include the capsule and paper, although I can do without the paper and he doesn't necessarily have to be in his original capsule. Turtwig was the first capsule toy I got from the series, but I traded him to my niece for the Pikachu and now I miss him terribly. XD Like I said, I can't buy now, but if anyone wanted to hold one for me that'd be fantastic. Either way, I'd just like to know if he'd be hard to find at all. I've seen a few of the Starlys around, so hopefully he's not too uncommon either.

(P.S. I re-read the rules to make sure this was acceptable, and since it's merchandise-centric I thought it would be okay. Please let me know if it's not, and I'll refrain from doing this in the future unless it's more directly related to my general collection. <3)
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