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Poke Bakery Customs + Poke Box Slots + Poke Voodoo Auction

Hey I'm opening up some more bakery slots. :D I finished all my last batch and shipped them all out. I'm opening up 5 slots this time cause I'm also opening up a newer custom of mine. C: ♥

I received sales permission on 7/7/10.
My figures are all handcrafted by me with Sculpey III clay and small details are painted on with acrylic paint. After they are baked I then glaze them with Sculpey brand glaze.
All community rules apply. Backing out of an order will get you negative feedback.\
Figures size depends on what you order, but are around 1" to 2" tall. More expensive sculptures can reach up to 3" tall.
I will only take Paypal payments and must receive payment in 24 hours after I give you your final total.
I have the right to refuse to sell to anybody, especially if you have negative feedback or I have had trouble with you in the past.
I'm not open for trades at this time.
I will not repeat any sculpture I've made for someone else. This goes for all of my customs. C:
Shipping to any where in the US is $5 and shipping any where internationally is $6. I ship these in little boxes wrapped in tissue paper and for more fragile figures I will add extra padding in the box. Then I put that little box in a bubble mailer. If you have any concerns or have another way you would like me to ship your item please let me know. You are buying something FRAGILE and I can't always guarantee that it won't break in the mail. I do my best to package these and super glue can be a safe and easy repair. Just let me know and I will do all I can to help. C:
If you enjoyed getting my customs I would really love for you to give me some feedback. You can find my feedback thread here:


~ Cupcakes ----------------------------------------------------- $10 - $16
Vanilla---------------------------------Red Velvet
German Chocolate----------Dark Chocolate

Choose whatever frosting flavor you want and what color you want the paper to be.

~ Fruit Tarts ---------------------------------------------------- $10 - $16

If you want the mixed pick any two to three fruits for your tart.

~ Pies ------------------------------------------------------------- $10 - $16
Whip Cream--------------------------------Strawberry
Chocolate Cream--------------------------------Apple
Blackberry-------------------------------------Key Lime
Mixed Berry------------------------------------------------

~ Bars ------------------------------------------------------- $10 - $16
Key Lime------------------------------------------Peach

~ Brownies ------------------------------------------------ $10 - $16
Dark Chocolate----------------German Chocolate
Blondie----------------------------Cheesecake Swirl

~ Fudge ---------------------------------------------------- $10 - $16
Chocolate---------------------------Dark Chocolate
White Chocolate-------------------Chocolate Swirl

~ Cookies ---------------------------------------------------- $10 - $16
Chocolate Chip-----------------------------------Sugar
Ginger Snap---------------------------Snickerdoodle
Chocolate Swirl-------------------------------------------

If you choose sugar you can have it with or without frosting.

~Cafe -------------------------------------------- $10 - $16
Hot Chocolate---------------------Coffee
Mocha------------------------Vanilla Latte
Green Tea Latte--------Caramel Mocha
Caramel Latte--------------------------------

~Extra Cafe Toppings------------------------------ Free
Chocolate Chip---------------------Wafer
Biscotti-----------------------Wafer Straw
-Chocolate Bar
-Chocolate Shavings
-Whip Cream

You can choose from any of these toppings. You can also choose the color and style of your mug, with any design you want on the mug. <3

~ Cake ----------------------------------------------------------- Below
- One Layer Cake: $10 - $16
- Two Layer Cake: $15 - $26
- Three Layer Cake: $20 - $30

With getting a cake you can choose the base color of your cake, the frosting flavor and any designs you want. Also if you get a two or three layer cake you can have up to two Pokemon on top of it.

~ Extra Toppings ------------------------------------------------- Free
- Fruit
- Nuts
- Flowers
- Whip Cream

For sprinkles you can choose any color you want and with any fruit you can have slices or the whole fruit.


~Two Stage Pokmon Line --------------------------------------------------------$20 - $26

Pick any Pokemon line that has two stages. You can get the first stage on a cupcake or a one layer cake and you can get the second stage on a one layer cake or a two layer cake. Two treats for one price.

~Three Stage Pokemon Line -------------------------------$30 - $36

Pick any Pokemon line with three stages. You will get the first stage on top of a cupcake, the second stage on top of a one layer cake, and the third stage on top of a two layer cake. Three treats for one price.

~Trainer Cupcakes ------------------------------------------------ $20 - $30

Yes, it's time for trainer cupcakes. This means trainers, gym leaders, etc. You can get any trainer on top of any bakery item on this menu. You do not have to get them on top of a cupcake. C: And you can have them holding one little Pokemon of your choice. These tend to bigger then my average sculptures, 3" tall. :D


Slots Open

1. [info]snowtigermar Mew - Pink Strawberry Cupcake (PAID)
2. [info]berugii Bidoof - Chocolate Cupcake (PAID)
3. [info]technicolorcage Mewtwo - White Chocolate Mocha (PAID)
4. [info]tissuepaperpet Ducklett - Vanilla One Layer Cake (PAID)
5. [info]tissuepaperpet Swanna - Vanilla Two Layer Cake (PAID)
6. [info]likeatruck Sabrina + Abra - On a Spoon (PAID)
7. [info]captainangel Spinarak - Cupcake (PAID)



So you've proably seen me auction off slots for these guys. Well I realized I love making them so much that I decided to just open slots for them. So I'm opening 5 slots, click the cut for more details. :D ♥
I hand paint these boxes with acrylic paint and add Scupley III and gem accents.
For these boxes I won't repeat any I have already made and I won't make any of the Litwick line, but any other Pokemon is up for grabs! C: But I will do anything else you want. I can paint the boxs any color you want and do any Pokemon inside.
Prices for these are between $15 - $25 depending on detail. Feel free to ask for quotes.
Shipping to any where in the US is $5 and shipping any where internationally is $6. I first wrap these in bubble wrap and then I put that in a bubble mailer. If you have any concerns or have another way you would like me to ship your item please let me know. You are buying something FRAGILE and I can't always guarantee that it won't break in the mail. I do my best to package these and super glue can be a safe and easy repair. Just let me know and I will do all I can to help. C:


Slots Open

1. [info]jerybunny Squirtle Squad Box (unpaid)


Lately I've been expermenting with this new style. I love making them so much I had to make some to auction off. :D So of course I just had to make the three main tairners form the Black and White games. ♥ So I'm auctioning off a N voodoo doll, a White voodoo doll, and a Black voodoo doll. These guys are one of a kind, so if you're interested get those bids in because I won't be making these guys again. But I will aslo be auctioning off a custom slot of any trainer in this style. ♥♥
I hand make these out of Sculpey III clay and I add on a little bell.
All community auction rules apply. Any deleted bids or backing out of payment will result in negative feedback and please bid in increments of at least $1 in the specified thread.
Ending bids do not include shipping payment. Shipping to any where in the US is $5 and shipping any where internationally is $6.
These guys are one of a kind. I will not reapeat them.
Each of these slots will be starting at $16.
This auction will end at Monday August 29th at 6:00 PM PST.




Happy bidding! C:
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