harimaron123 (donny9) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Reminder: I <3 Pikachu Cushion and bag clip, August MPC Pickup. Sales Pug

Hey guys, just a short reminder about the pickups that I will be doing at my local shop. I will be taking offers till friday (Singapore time which is about 33 hours after this post, so you can take your time to decide till then. Just a preview of the items if you didn't see my previous posts - I <3 Pikachu Cushion, bag clips, August MPC plushies too.

Click on any of the two pictures to spawn at my pickup request page.

At the same time, let me end off with a small sales pug - DX Kids, Zukans, Sugimori Clearfiles, Keychains. Though I don't have a fancy banner yet, here it is!

Click on the Picture to visit my Sales Page
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