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Time for a re-introduction!

Hello all!
It's been quite a while since I've been really active here, and there are always plenty of new faces coming in! So it seems it's time for me to re-introduce myself.
I'm rocket_chick, 24 years old (really old ;-;) and living is Australia (the land of high shipping!). I joined this community over two years ago now - gosh, it really has flow by though! As you may have noticed it's generally a pretty nice place here.
Like most of us, I loved pokemon when if first came out, and after some time away have found myself coming back to the fun little critters. I like quite a lot of pokes and different merchandise, but my favourite by far, and the main focus of my collecting is Pokemon Time. For those of you who don't know, Pokemon Time is a line of merchandise exclusive to the Pokemon Center, and super-charming! And especially for my introduction, and the purpose of spreading the PT love, I present my website --

Click through to see more!

You can find plenty of info about PT, and photos of my collection items all there! Banner/link trades welcome!
But hey, as anyone who collects pokemon knows, it's very hard to stick to just one thing, right? I have afew other collections, and lots of other paraphenalia which I am itching to show you all.
Lets begin with Starter Pokemon! Including my DX Torchic Pokedoll!
Forgive me if some of the pictuers are a bit meh, I was trying something new that didn't work out.

I love Starter Pokemon.
Let's face it - everyone can always remember which pokemon they first chose! Even if they eventually didn't use them (squirtle-- because Blastiose was is cool)
It was an accidental collection - I just found myself slow accumulating starter pokemons. Particularly the Kanto Starters' who are still my favourtie three. I love the merch they get, and how bright and dynamic most of it is!

LoOk At ThE CoLoUrS
What I love most about these guys is the colours!
As far as collections go, it's not huge. As far as collecting Starter Pokemon goes, it's tiny. But I really am picky with merchandise, and can afford to be since these guys have SO MUCH. Although I have slowed it down over the past year, due  to space and monetary restraints. I am aiming to get at least a pokedoll and a Tomy for each. I've...just been lazy about it. But PokeTime does come first (it's really expensive), and if you added the PT starter merch in there, there would suddenly be a whole lot more! And, uh....eevee counts as a starter mon, totally. Your rival gets one in pokemon yellow. That counts....right? I guess I'll have to get a Pikachu at some point then, too.

Figures! Some had a hard time standing :/


This Promo is awesome.
It was the 10th anniversary, I believe, in 2006. Includes lots of staters pokedolls! There is a Charmander and Squirtle to go with that Bulbasaur mug, but I've yet to be in the right place/right time to nab them Someday!


These Guys are ceramic Chopstick stands. I HIGHLY recommened them - they are WONDERFUL.
Incredibly tactile -they feel great to hold, especially Snivy, and have anice weight to them. I can't choose a fave!


A nice close-up for you, of my Clear Bulbasaur Tomy in the sunlight.
Clear Tomys are epic, you guys. So much moreso than kids, I'd daresay! (hides from kids lovers)
This guy was handed out in a promo bag of some type, I don't know much more.

Now, let's get closer in on some of the intersting plush, yes?

My Turtwig Pokedolls. I aiming to get all the versions eventually - here we have miniwig, middlewig and BigWig. All I need now is the regular size twig, the knitted twig and the fuzzy version of miniwig! I guess you could say I'm halfway there.


And now, what I know some of you have been waiting to see --

DX Torchic Pokedoll!
I cannot tell yo uthe year, since his tag is ruined. He is, as you can see, pretty loved. He's velboa, with beans in his bottom to keep him balanced (it doesn't really work) ans plastic in his comb to help it stand upright. Unfortunately, this guy has been in some pretty tight storage, and it's now bent down, along with the most curious problem I"ve ever hads fora plush --

--he is wrinkled. I haven't tried ironing him yet, although I think that should do the trick. It's wierd, though.


Feets! They are cardboard re-enforced.

Next to my DX Twig. About the same size.

and lastly...

With my only other Torchic pokedoll, my oversized Torchic Keychain.

I actually love the new guys. So much. Probably my faves since the second gen, in fact! (as a group, anyway), I mean Oshawott has become one of my all-time favourite pokemon. So ugly, so derp.Very personable. And those talky plush..oh gosh. How could I resist? Possibly the best plush I own. And now that Pokabu has arrived, I finally have all three!

Sad story about Pokabu...I bought him sceond hand for quite a good price, but....the previous owner left the batteries in his voice box, they corroded, leaked acid everywhere and now his voice box is broken :( I still love my adoptive Pokabu though! I guess he's just a mute is all.
If any of these guys appeal to you, I sincerely urge you to go for it. You will not regret it at all.

But hey, I'm not all about the starter mons! I have a few other bits a pieces that appeal to me, too, which I have amassed here for your viewing pleasure.

So It's no surprise that all my plush are not starter pokemon. I'm certain you all know how hard it is to resist the cutires that japan makes! So of course I have a small amount of what I call "miscellaneous" plush; plush that fit into no catergory but are here because I think they're great.


Talky Zorua is everything people say he is! I got him from the same seller as Pokabu for a steal, and fortunately he is still in tip-top condition! I'm not huge on the little fox but this plush is lovely. Same as Zoroark pokedoll, it's such an unusual design. Mew and Skymin I "blame" on my mother, since she may have incited me to buy them >.> Dwebble was picked up at a con. THOSE LITTLE CLAWS. They flop about so nicely! And the :o expression is adorable. MPC really are fantastic.! Magikarp was my first pokedoll. Look at him. How could anyone resist.  The Wish-fish just HAD to come keep him company, of course ;) I really like plush fish, it has to be said.

Now my burds! and I am totally not showing off my ame-comi Robin Birds are something of a side collection, since I don't actively seek them out, I just really like birds. The krows' are customs, the larger by Caffwin, and the smaller pokedoll by foureyedalien. Both are much loved <3

Now. That Flareon.
It is indeed a custom, shiny Flareon Pokedoll. By no other than BabyLondonStar!

I'm so thirlled to own a piece of her work; I managed to get this little lady when her previous owner had to give her up. Otherwise I'd never be able to afford it! She is amazing in every way.

Birds are everywhere. Much of my collection is scattered through my room this way!

This was ineveitable, I suppose. We all collect these straps to some extent, right? I just can't resist them when I see them. I get my pokemans, and my mum gets her hello kitty, and we're all happy.

And finally, to round out my post, my new favourite artist, and newest collection --

This is all done by an artist called mugino yuwa. Her work is sweet, adorable,and unique! Her vector work is my favourtie, but everything she does is lovely --


I am hooked, and will be doing my darndest to find as much as I can!
In fact, I'm quite inclined to get quite a few doujin's now, since all the poke artists are a-maz-ing.

 *                *                *
And that, ladies and gentlefolk, is that!
I hope I've inspired and informed, and I hope you're all looking forward to the next Pokemon Time Promotion as much as I am (hopefully this September)! I am 100% certain that I've forgotten things or left things out, so this is by no means everything I have! I guess we'll just have to cover that in future posts! See you then ;)

A suggestion to the mods - do you think we could get a Pokemon Time Tag? It would be much appreciated!
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