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Re-Introduction and Collection Update!

I promised it, and here it is! :D

Im, MyVampireLust19, or my real name is Chantelle. Ive been here since late January this year and havent really done a collection update since the middle of February, I think. It was pretty...scarce back then but since then I've had to install a toy hammock and a new shelf for all my merch since being here >__>

Im 21, love figures, plush and customs :D I do have my weebly site with everything pictured individually, this is mainly a post to see how I lay my items out and what I collect! (seeing as I think alot of people dont really know im a huge fan of the 3 Legendary Beasts)

Please chck out under the cut for my images :D

For individual images of my items please check out my Collection site, Here!

Now on for the images!

My toy hammock, where everybody hangs out. You can see the 1:1 Mew ended up getting buried under every body xD toy Hammocks are such a good way for storing plush though, I recommend one of these to EVERYONE!

And a closeup of my two favourite plush, chillaxin' ;)

My shelf unit which is just above my computer. It does need to be rearranged in a few places, mainly on the Mew and Lions sections. Now for some close ups!

PLAMO bought from Cardwhale quite a while ago. Sitting with my Zukans and Retsuden stamper set :D

And everything else as pictured. The charms are by far my favourite thing in my Beasts collection :'D that Raikou took me forever to track down, again, thank you Chatsy! <333

My Lions, dodgey photo I know, hence why I added my site link above xD

And the Mew shelf! The TFG was the last thing added to this, Im so hapy I managed to find one, and in mint condition :'D

Mystery Chinese Mew plush sits ontop of the shelf.

Any my mini side collection of the Fire Dogs :D I mainly collect them cause me and a friend had a retarded joke about an Arcanine named 'Claus' on my Heart Gold game xD...Good reason to collect, I know.. haha

Anyway thank you for looking at my items! Glad I finally got to update this lol and there will be some GEN5 Merch coming to me soon. Ive only just started softening up to this gen, I think its cause I see everyone else buying all this awesome new merch and I feel left out LOL

Also, a quick sales plug. I have a few Zukan for sale all mint in packets, figures, kids etcetcetc

Click Here For Sales

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