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LJ question + 'I Love Pikachu' question

Hi! I'm here with essentially two quick questions:

1)  'I Love Pikachu' plush

Are any of our usual Banpresto go-to orderers (e.g. nanoplasm, or our friends in Japan) intending to help the comm with orders for this? I understand donny9 is collecting pre-orders for this, but the stipulated arrival time of these plush at the shop in question is about a month after the Japanese release date (it arrives virtually in October), and I want to know if it's necessary to wait so long as I want to get it for a friend's birthday. =D

If nobody is selling this, I suppose I would have to get the plush at the local shop when it does come. While I'm there, I might be able to help a couple of people pick up a Head or two when the time comes, as the ordered stock (50+ heads in total) should be enough to go around, but for those who need it like burning, a safer bet would be to rely on someone who is more committed to helping with pre-orders since they are a dead cert in getting the plush as opposed to me getting them while I'm there. ;)

2) Livejournal 'Rich text' nonsense

Apologies for being slow to the party with this one, but what's up with the new post formatting? I tried editing my sales page and it became an incoherent mess. Is it permanently like this, or a bug? There are a lot of spacing issues even when I disabled auto-formatting! Is it only a problem with editing old posts? It's a lot more complicated to post pictures too as I would have to wait for each picture to appear in the window before applying properties to reduce the dimensions to fit comm rules...unless I am being a goof and totally not aware of how to 'work' the new system? =P

3) Shipping update + sales

While I'm here, for those who bought from my previous sales post, half have been shipped and the other half will be going out on Friday. =D

Thanks for reading! As soon as the truckload of plushes I'm waiting for all arrive, I'd commence with the (muchly overdue) Part 2 of my anniversary collection update. =D
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