Genestealer~ (jensoxen) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pretty rare plush sales, and wanties!:

Hi guys! A grail popped up, so i need money! I thought id let go of some of my most rare dolls :3
Wailord, kyogre and manaphy! COME SEE :D 

First up, i have a wailord pokedoll, good condition! He has been washed by hisprevious owner, hes in the same state as i got him! 
He has a butt tag only, and on one side of it there is a black mark! hes from 2005 :)

Im looking for around $50-$55 for him! :)


Next i have a manaphy pokedoll, pretty good condition. butt tag only :)
Im looking for.. $20-$30 for her ^^

(heh, i just cut out a piece of fabric so she could have something to wear :>)

And lastly i got a MWTS kyogre 2010 dollie :>
Got her for around $35, so im looking for about $30!

Hey guys! Some time ago i realized i had some poke(dex) figures and just thought they were purely beautiful!! So i was wondering if anyone has any pretty cheap ones for sale? Tell me if you have some, ANY!
Thanx very much!
Has some extra spending money, so bring it on! haaha :D
Im especially looking for the regiice one... i have regirock and gettin registeel soon :>
oh, and the attack forme one! :) I hav all other forms.

thanx again for reading/helping out! ^^

example :>

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