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leaving saaaaaaales!

Okayyyy, so if you saw my last sales post, you know that I'm a little indecisive and I get super obsessed with things, spend all my moneys on it XD, then not care... and therefore, pretty big sales post! Japanese MWT Pokédolls, some without, and some just pretty cool ones under le cut! Most Pokémon pictured here are brand new and awesome and tagged, with the exception of Togekiss, who has a torn tag :C My prices aren't as good as I'd usually like to have them, as I'm moving house TWICE haha and I have to move family home, and then uni home, and I'm very very very afraid for those bills :3 Thanksss guise. It's been really awesome, but I think I'm leaving, just because I have no money and lots of Pokeymans (': I'm not selling Slows or Rais because they are my two main collections, and my favourite lil guys <3 It's been awesome, and you're all lovely. Thanksss <3 Also I -should- be able to get back to people tonight, but I can't guarantee it, it'll be tomorrow at the latest (: 

I ship from the UK, and my shipping days are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
I don’t have any scales at the minute XD;, so there will be two invoices from me: initial item payment, then shipping payment, which I’ll PM to you just after the item is shipped (:
Please be prompt with paying shipping costs; it doesn’t sound a lot but when I’m fronting shipping for multiple items at once it quickly mounts e___e
As I send a second invoice with shipping costs, I don’t have a default shipping method (: 
This means that the buyer can decide for themselves which shipping method they’d prefer.
I will hold, for 24 hours only (:
I trade in US dollars, just because the majority of community members do :3, it’s convenient and easily-converted in PayPal.
I will ONLY accept PayPal, just for convenience’s sake (:
I am open to haggling etc (:, but I'm not a skilled haggler :'3
I am usually easy to contact, but as I am in the UK, and a university student, my sleeping/waking hours are somewhat sporadic, but the longest you’d be waiting on a reply from me concerning sales is around a day (:, as I usually like to have everything sorted out as soon as possible.
I do not currently accept trades, sorry!
My feedback post is right here:

(bottom shelf only)

Charizard $40, because he's my favourite <3 SOLD! thank you <3

Gothita $25 obo

Kibago $30 obo

Togekiss $20 obo HOLD

Marill $35 obo

Snover $30 obo

Cinccino $25 obo

Foongus $25 obo

Audino $30 obo

Whimsicott $25 obo

Pachirisu (new tag) $20 obo

Cute bootie Pikachu, $10 obo

Plusle and Minun, Japanese without tag, $50 for both or $30 each

Weavile, brand new without tag, $35 obo

Chikorita, MWT (new tag), $25 obo

Poliwhirl, new without tag, $35 obo

Leafeon bootie, $15

Espeon with tag, $35 obo

Flareon with new tag, $25 obo

Growlithe canvas, MWT, $35 obo

Tags: audino, charizard, chikorita, cinccino, espeon, flareon, foongus, gothita, growlithe, leafeon, marill, minun, pachirisu, pikachu, plush, plusle, pokecen, pokedolls, poliwhirl, sales, snover, togekiss, weavile, whimsicott
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