Hamsteh (hamsteh) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sales and kinda wants. >.>

- Granted sales permission on 4th August, 2011, by Denkimouse, I ship from the UK.

- If you feel a price is too high, feel free to mention it and I will correct it - I've never had to price anything before.

- If you feel I am selling something for lower than it's worth, please let me know.

I am in the UK I'm not used to Dollars! So my pricing might be off, that and the fact I really don’t know what stuff should sell for :P Feel free to let me know if I've priced anything too high (Or too low xD;)

Click the banner for sales:

Or go here: "Cliick!" <3

Also, I was wondering what merch Shellos has? For both East and West sea. xD I've recently bought a couple of charms of pokemon that I'd like and wondered whether Shellos has a charm, like the metal/dex charm kind?

What other merch is available generally, as well? Shellos needs more love! :(

Thanks! <3

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