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Simple Commissions Open!

Hey Guys! I don't have a collection update sadly, as lack of funds. But I'm going to be ordering that halloween dicebag and flail around like a school girl when I get it. But as for the main purpose of this post, it is all about simple commissions from me :3 By this I mean that I am opening spots for Drifloons, and Pokeball Change Purses/dice bags/hackysacks. Follow the salesman Typhlosion for the information!

I am currently: Offline, but will reply later on!

Alright! I'm opening up SIX slots right now for Drifloons or Pokeball items. I am not currently opening up any other kinds of commissions, as I want simple quick projects to work with for now, so I can get the hang of this.

1) I ship from the US, and it may take me up to two weeks to ship off your item, however I will always inform you when your item has been shipped via PM or comment.
2) I work with different types of yarn, and as each yarn is different, sizes may vary. Should I grossly underestimate the size of your plush, I will include free accessories.
3) I am only accepting Paypal at the moment.
4) Trades are acceptable, however they have to be similar in price range to my customs My wants list is here: It's in a bit of a mess, my apologies.
5) Multiple accounts of bad behaviour, or negative feedback, may cause me to decline your request
6) If for any reason I expect unreasonable delays, or am unable to finish your custom, I will contact you, and we can discuss what to do from there.
7) I was granted Sales Permission by Denkimouse on 4/24/11! My feedback is located here:


Will come out looking a little something like this. You can request it to fit a certain item or be a certain size. It cinches up rather easily, and the item shown is the default size. This can hold a good handful of change, though I'm sure you could fit more if you really wanted to stuff it full. Made with various yarns, and felt for the stripe/button. Prices shown are bases for the default size, should you request something larger, the price will increase.

Pokeball - Base price: 16$
Premier Ball - Base price: 13$
Other Balls - Price determined when requested


Will come out similar to this. This is the default size, it's big enough to fit in your hand, and the hacky-sacks are a good weight to toss aimlessly around.

Premier Ball - Base price: 17$
Pokeball - Base price: 17$
Other Balls - Price determined when requested


These are perfect palm sized, and come in shiny or non-shiny, and are made with yarn, felt, and embroidery floss. 'Special' colours are also acceptable, just tell me ahead of time. Various expressions are also available Here are just some of the expressions that I have come up with, feel free to suggest others for your Floon!

Drifloon Default Size Price: 20$

If you decide to order please use the following form! This will make organization for me much easier!

Item Interested In:
Size or Detail Preferences: (if left blank I will assume default)
Postal Code

1. Open~
2. Open~
3. Open~
4. Open~
5. Open~
6. Open~


I've decided to sell one of my first creations, this here Hoppip. Over time the leaves have gotten a bit wobbly, but overall it's still in pretty good condition. I'm asking 30$+shipping for it, OBO.

This Pokeball ChangePurse has a few minor errors in it, as it was one of my first attempts at it. I'm asking for 16$ shipped to anywhere in the US.
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