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Oh man. multi double post of pure awesome.

So I finally set up a complete permanent sales post, and got a whole bunch of stuff up that i had been too lazy to take pictures of up before. so here it is! follow the fake cut to the post in my journal : )
Follow your nose!

I'm also prettyy sure that I haven't posted any for of collection update in. forever. But since my SD card and its port n my laptop don't get along at all... It's going to be a lot crammed into few pictures : (. Hope you all enjoy anyways! I'm also certain i forgot things.. oh well, next time!

these are random lil claypokesi've been making lately- what do you think? eeveewas the first i made, followed by Vulpix, Emolga,Marril Dragonair and then houndour.. I feel that just in that small number, there's a real tellable improvement : 3 hoping to make more and maybe sell them, leave me your thoughts regarding that!

latest eevee/flareon aquisitions- adorable Flareon tupperware sammich container, found on ebay, eerily enough, i had no competition for it!

Eevee's Weather Report! Found this on a random search/whim on amazon for only $12, including shipping! It's an adorable little story with just as adorable artwork! <3

Derpy flareon puffball thingy.. i was working a music festival kids tent, and had access to all the crafty things, and this was BEGGING to be made. Lady derpington, queen of the vees. ( don't let her near the paste.)

seriously! this artwork!

just. too cute. But, also, eevee threatens everyone with bodily harm once she grows up, no matter the evolution. lolwut, eevee? silly but she's young. Maybe she'll grow out of it. We can hope.

Artwork from another book i got from a member here, Zenity! Flareon's sure going to be in for a surprise once that boat is gone!

Flarestuffs. and a lion that's trying tofit in. I pretend. <3. I love the Flareon bettle coin- it's the first one i've seen! ( looking for eevee+ the other two 'lutions!)

Eevee side of things, Tomy DX, TFG figure, keychain figure, pencil topper, i think, friends plush, applause plush, keychain plush that i've had since i was a kid ( or, you know, 12 years old, lol) midium play-by-play, small walky plush, cd rom from le olden days, sticker, metal swing chain.. (TL;DR: STUFF. LOTS)

Everyone else gets squished on this one shelf.. MIP jolteon/vaporeon bouncers to go with the eevee MIP bouncer below- (would love a mip flareon bouncer!)

Le pokecomics, le childrens books, le weird.. pika-tail-game-thingy ( idklol) the book with the pika on it to the right of the eeveebook ( sorry for the sideways pic) is a jap. guide for Pokemon Pikachu, and the artwork insde is pretty cool ( again with the artwork. i love artwork, can you tell? i bet you can't!)

Jigglycollection. Started this with the boyfriend in mind... i think i like the hanky best, such vibrant colors!

Another thing i made alongside the lady derpington puffpoke. <3 i shouldn't be around crafty things, because stuff like this happens. constantly. If only i'd had enough time to pick out orange and yellow feathers.

Anywho, I hope you've enjoyed my awesome updates, because I've enjoyed getting them! I forgot to add a picture of 4 clearfiles, and the complete eeveelu charm set, as well as a japanese neo flat binder with 9 holo cards, theone with eevee, espeon and umbreon, as well as charizard, enteo and some unknowns.. booo. perhaps i shall add pictures later? <3)

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