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Small Update and Small Sales :3

I love multipurpose posts :) First, a small update and story!  
I got this cute pin from the comm! <3 Oshawott loves N~  
I also received these three lovelies...wait, I thought I already had the card sleeves...?  
Oh boy N cards! <333 Hopefully the next English set (Noble Victories) will have them~ Wait.  One of them seems...different.
OH MY ARCEUS KNOCK ON WOOD I WAS *SOOOOO* LUCKY TO GET THIS ;;;w;;; <333333333333333333 It's such a beautiful card and I love it so much ;3;  

Onto the story portion of this update~ I'm sure some of you heard about the earthquake that shook most of the east coast of North America.  I felt it a good deal where I was but thankfully it really wasn't that bad.  However, it did knock over some of my parent's china, and for me, well...  
The shelves look different from before :U  
I WAS SO LUCKY TO HAVE PUT MY PICTURES IN THEIR BOXES A FEW WEEKS PRIOR.  I was so paranoid what with the vaccuum and the running and the other things that really wouldn't make sense to normal people (unlike myself ;m; ) that I put them in their boxes...and thank Arceus I had!  They were really close to the edge of their shelves before...   And what's this?  

N Cupcake, why are you in your box?
N Cupcake:  Don't you remember?  When you returned home that day, you found my lying down on the shelf!
GAH that's right!  You had been knocked over by the earth's grumbling tummy! ;;;A;;; Knock on wood (again!) he was absolutely fine, so I simply placed him nicely in his cute box x3   Thankfully no one was seriously hurt from the earthquake (or so says the news) so did anyone else who experience it have anything fall off their shelves?  Another user took pictures and put them up and their stuff was everywhere! D: The only other thing that fell for me was my Mudkip plush (it fell on its side), my perfume bottles (thankfully they didn't break!) and some books I had on my shelf. Next up I have some small leftover sales!  These will be the last sales I will do until the holiday season, because yay me, I'm going off to college! :D I have some special fun deals under the cut, so please check it out! :)  Rules and other fun:
I was given sales permission from dakajojo on 5/22/11 :D
All prices include fees and shipping within the US!  If you live outside of the US, please add $1 to shipping fees! :) Also, all prices in US Dollars :3
Because time is limited, I can only hold items until August 31st!  But please let me know if you'd like for me to hold an item for you and for how long (as long as you're really willing to pay!) :)
Haggling is okay :> I may or may not accept your offer, but I won't get mad if you try! x3
I only accept PayPal payments at this time--sorry for any inconvenience this may cause :(
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! :D  
McDonald's Pikachu, Reshiram, new in opened packaging, $3 each OR both for $5  
Inflatable cushion, new out of packaging $5
DP Starters DS Case, new out of packaging $5
Metang Kid, new $3
Illumise, Gardevoir, Clefairy, Kirlia mega bloks, new $3 each OR all of them for $10
OR everything in this picture for $20  

Cherubi Jakks, new with all tags $13
Totodile PokeDoll, new with all tags (hang tag has a small rip) $22
Mincinno PokeCen, new with all tags $24
Riolu PokeDoll, new with all tags $24  

Sugimori Clear file Lati@s, Darkrai x2, Rayquaza new in package $9 each OR all for $35 $26 and a free case! (see image below)  

Sugimori Clear file case x3, new out of packaging $8 each OR one free with the purchase of all above Sugimori clear files

UPDATE: Here is a link to my wants list in case you'd like to make a trade offer for any of the above items :D  Thank you all for looking! ;w; <3
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