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Quick Sales!

So I'm still weeding out everything I don't collect. It's getting really tough to choose what to sell. XD; I do like these things, but it's for the best. I will be selling every single item of every Pokemon that are not my main collections.

Everyone who is waiting on items for me, sorry for the delays! School has been piling work on me since day 1. I will be shipping everyone's items off early next week. :3

Up for sale today: Lot of Shaymin Figures, Shinx Canvas Plush, Mall Tour Snivy, Pokemon Center Panpour Plush, Pokemon Center New York Grand Opening Sticker, Zorua figure lot and Ensky Magnets

*I ship from California in the US
*Sales on these items are final.
*I will only accept paypal.
*I will NOT be shipping internationally for this post.
*Backing out will get you a negative feedback!
*I have the right to refuse service to anyone. Especially if you have bad feedback.
*These items come from a dog-friendly and rat-friendly but smoke-free home.
* Prices include shipping but NOT other fees!
**My feedback is here:
*Since school has started, my shipping will be a little slower than usual but will not usually take more than a week. If it gets delayed, I'll keep you updated!

Lot of Shaymin figures(Chibi styled Skymin is NOT included!): $25 shipped

Large Pokemon Center NYC Grand Opening Sticker(MIP. No creases.): $20

Zorua Tomys(Clear and Normal) and Normal kid lot: $10 shipped.

Skitty Pokedoll(Hang tag will be included but it not attached.): $30 shipped

Panpour Pokemon Center Plush(From Nintendo World. Hang tag is not attached but will be included.): $20

Mall Tour Snivy Plush(Hang tag not attached but will be included.): $15 shipped

Shinx Canvas Plush(Hang tag not attached but will be included. He is the 2009 Sitting Version.)
$25 shipped

Ensky Magnets: $3 for complete sets and $2 for incompletes.

Hopefully I can get my 1:1 Emonga soon! ; A; Any sale is appreciated!

Also guilt trip:

Minipete says: Please help me get a big brother!

Just kidding about the guilt trip. That was just another photo from the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.
Tags: ensky, panpour, plush, pokedolls, sales, shaymin, shinx, skitty, snivy, zorua
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