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please take these away x(

Hey guys~
I don't have much to say besides I'm sick at home (and it sucks being sick, it's hella boring).
So while I was reaaaalllyyyyy bored I found a huuuuuuge lot of tcg I have collecting dust and I have no use for, wich someone might want.

It took me a while to sort all of them, and my final count is: 1181 cards in total.
There's 53 rare trainers, 253 pokemon wich are common & uncommon (and one beedrill wich is rare), 775 trainers wich are common & uncommon and 100 energies.

Most of the cards are in great condition, they are really really old so not all are perfect and some are a bit sticky cause they used to have rubber bands for many years.
There are english cards, spanish cards and japanese cards. All from old sets, I do not know each set sorry ._.

There's a TON repeated, and there's so many different cards I can't possibly type them all.
The thing is I wanna get rid of them, cause I do not collect nor play TCG and they deserve a better owner >.>

I wanna sell the whole lot for $118 (wich is $0.10 per card) the only problem is that the whole lot weights nearly two and a half kilos, and that is EXPENSIVE to ship.

Shipping only will cost $64, via EMS.
According to the post office's web that is the only service that would take such a heavy package but I can inquiry tomorrow about a cheaper way to ship this >.<

The total for the lot, with EMS shipping would be $182. I only accept paypal but I can accept payment plans since it's a lot of money Dx
Feel free to make any other offers~

Sales permission granted on 05/08/11 by dakajojo.

Here's some pics:

Yep, 2317gr, and they still need a real box for packing...
Sorry for living so far away that shipping is such a killer! ;A;

(And sorry for the long post, LJ is being meanie to me..)
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