Cowbell (kevingeorgem) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hi everyone i just wanted to post my wanted list of pokemon applause plushes. If you can help me out then my collection would be complete and i will be so grateful to you! I can pay with paypal and i live in the U.S
and know here is my wanted list!!!

Koffing applause:

Mewtwo applause:

Gastly applause:

Caterpe applause:

Cubone applause:

Ekans applause:

Geodude applause:

Evee applause:

Horsea applause:

Sandshrew applause: ( Maybe )

If you want i can trade you some of my pokemon applause plushes or my regular pokemon plushes to you for something on my wanted list. I also have 3 brand knew pokemon playables of Bulbasaur, Vulpix, and Zubat up for a trade! Please help me out!!!!!
Tags: bulbasaur, caterpie, cubone, ekans, gastly, geodude, horsea, koffing, mewtwo, sandshrew, vulpix, zubat

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