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Sales Post Part 2

For some strange reason, a part of my sales was forgotten in the confines of Photobucket. ^^;;; I thought I had posted them all, but I was mistaken. So, I bring you "Sales Post Part 2" for your enjoyment. :) These are just Jakks figures and one Absol TFG figure. I was also post some leftovers from my last sales post in case people missed out. I doubt anybody did, though. I'm sure you guys stalk this community as much as kaygee84 and I. XD I swear, I've always loved Pokemon, but there was a time when I didn't really pay too much attention to it. I rekindled my love for it a couple of years ago, but that feeling tripled when I came across this comm. :3 Now I'm a little obsessed with Pokemon once again. Damn you pkmncollectors!! XD It may molest my wallet a bit, but I don't really mind too much. Pokemon is LOVE! <333

ANYWAY... on to the sales! :)

Here we have Glameow, Buizel, Roselia, Wormadam, Turtwig, Grotle, and Absol TFG. They are all in perfect condition, except for Buizel. For some reason, he came poorly painted. He was like that in the package. If it wasn't for the fact that he came in a three pack, I wouldn't have bothered getting him. I'll reduce his price by $1 for those reasons. =/
Each are $6 + $1.50 shipping in the US; $2.50 Canada; $3.50 everywhere else

Here's a pic of the poor paint job. =/ The workers must've ignored him while he went through inspection. Sorry the pic is blurry.

Now, these guys... are the 4th cousins twice removed on the Jakks' figures great uncle's side of the red-neck family. XD;; Seriously, these are the cheaply made Jakks figures. They are completely legit. They are simply made with cheap, thin plastic, which makes them hollow inside. Why Jakks decided to create these figures, I'll never know. ^^;; I bought these at Big Lots for $2 each. I hate impulse buying. Hehe. You may add one to your order for a $1 more. You may ask to buy them separately, individually, or all together if desired. Prices will vary, so please inquire if interested. :)

Thank you for looking! ^_^ If anyone is planning on paying with Paypal, my add is yaoiloverhotmail AT yahoo dot com.

I will be adding a new collection post as soon as I get everything in the mail. :) I've already gotten a few things, but there will be more. I shall be patient till then. *twiddles thumbs
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