Genestealer~ (jensoxen) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokedoll figure slots!

Hey guys! A lot of people seems interested in pokedoll figures by me, so instead of me making 5 and then auction them out, i thought that id finally open up a buncho of slots for straight sale! :D Examples are here!: Stuff:
I ship from sweden I accept PAYPAL ONLY!  
Sales permish granted by Dakajojo
All figures are handmade from sculpey clay
Im pretty much of a slow shipper.. feel free to check my shipping status post :3

 Figures are around $15 each! Some may be cheaper, and some may be more expensive :) I will open up 5 slots for now, but may be opening up more if they all get filld up!(not to sure it will happen... hah :D)
1. Snowtigermar: Happy mew figure!-paid!
2. aarux: aerodactyl- paid!
3.gappamaki: slowking-Paid!
4.Rythen: dunsparce and terrakion- paid!

Feel free to ask how much a pokemon would be! There are some pokemon i wont make! Please ask that too :)
By comissioning a figure from me, u help me out getting a grail ^^ Im trying to raise $80! Thats approx what i need :D

Also, u may get a bit of a discount if you buy 2 or more figures at the same time :) So yeah, bring me the quotes! :D
Also, i wont remake pokemon ive already made, so be first to get the figure your interested in :) I will remake pokemon, but only in the other color variation! Thanx!! <3 And feel free to ask ANYTHING in the questions thread! :D

im on a pokedoll figure creating spreee atm... so order now when ive started hahah :D <3

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