myvampirelust19 (myvampirelust19) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Mass of Group Buys!

So, Ive found a few pretty lots that I think we would all like to take part in as a bunch of Group Buys.

Take each image of items as a seperate group buy, Im seriously wanting to do about 6 at the same time :D Any one person can be put down for as many items as they like. And you must be ready to pay on time! If not bad feedback may be left.

There will be two payments, 1st for item and shipping to me then 2nd which is shipping from me to you :D

Please check under the cut for more details

To order please comment with a link to the picture so I know which lot you're wanting to order from with the item name so I can put you on the list!

Prices also include the paypal fees :)

First payment for each of these, $3.20 These are the battle museum figures
-Cubone sir_develon
-Cyndaquil spideyroxas
-Totodile sir_develon
-Sentret sentret_draws
-Mew myvampirelust19
-Murkrow kriscarmi
-Dragonair kriscarmi
-Sandshrew kamikaze87

Each of these are $3 each

-Hitmonlee spideyroxas
-Aerodactyl bolin
-Rydon bolin

These each are $3.50

-Charmeleon paperoid
-Wartortle anthonyjg10
-Nidoran Female
-Bayleaf breethezebra
-Quilava spideyroxas
-Croconaw sir_develon
-Unknown N
-Scizor paperoid
-Raikou myvampirelust19

Pencil Toppers, $3 each

-Moltres chaos_21
-Zapdos chaos_21
-Flygon cyritic
-Umbreon tsuki_no_eifie
-Espeon tsuki_no_eifie
-Slaking cyritic

These are made by Yujin Tomy, so im unsure if these are Zukan but im ASSUMING they are $6.50 Each

-Lucario on car with bonsley wirelesstmnt
-Mew Pikachu and Meowth darkfaeprincess
-Weaviles and Mime Jr meowthcollector
-Mew in field myvampirelust19
-Lucario attacking(KAMEHAMEHA)
-The staff

$3.50 each

-Nidoran Male 3kame
-Nidorino 3kame
-Nidoking 3kame
-Pikachu gothic_comedian
-Hitmonlee spideyroxas
-Hitmonchan spideyroxas

Chou get $2.50 each

-Typhlosion spideyroxas
-Togetic meowthcollector
-Arceus Flying Type (grey) technicolorcage
-Arceus Psychic Type (red)
-Arceus Bug Type (green)
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