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RE: The New Class of Plush!

I am really glad you guys enjoyed the post yesterday about Exotic Novelty Plush. And if you didn't see, I added more pics to the gallery and new information about the plush, too!

There were various issues with the term "Nirvana Plush" (which we borrowed from the MLP collectors), but since I thought it is pretty fun and handy to have a special term for these guys when discussing them, I thought we could vote on it!

Make sure you do read the post all about them before voting! These plush have a very specific and simple set of rules (1. old, 2. unknown origins, and 3. original patterns), and that is ALL this term would apply to, if one chose to use it!

Poll #1773382 What do we call our European Novelty Plush?

Pick the word you think suits them best!

Pandora Plush
Fable Plush
Mirage Plush
Origin Plush
Myth Plush

pandora plush by entirelycliched. from pandora's box. as we may have opened a can of worms and given a lot of people a ton of new holy grails they don't even know exist yet. it also alludes to the hint of guilt one might feel as a lot of these are probably made by companies that did not hold a license.

fable plush by me. i dunno, since they feel like some old whimsical fable! simple!

mirage plush by rocket_chick. a pokemon term used to describe something that may or may not be there... since ANY POKEMON AT ALL from gen 1 could have these, and we have no way to find out. we don't know until we know. mystery! also thanks segamew for reminding me of mew's pokedex entry. "So rare that it is still said to be a mirage by many experts. Only a few people have seen it worldwide."

origin plush by dewott. another pokemon term alluding to the vintage quality of these plush.

myth plush by catbrooks. for similar reasons as all above. are they real or are they a myth??

and major thanks to mamoswine, sairei, keymonster, mommymoose, unknownrevenge, funkicarus, aburamechan, lampent, and techno4tomcats, for also contributing some awesome items. it was hard to whittle it down to just five.

also a note!!! i have added new tomy plush to sunyshore. and you have until friday to place your halloween orders if you want to get them in september, so have at them!!

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