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New Victini tin (and the obligatory "Hi, I'm new" post)

No images yet, but a new Vicitini tin has been announced. The formal name is the V for Victini tin, and it contains five booster packs, one Victini promo card, one Victini figure, and an additional TCGO card. The tin comes out on December 5 of this year. Oh, and I guess this is my "Hi, I'm new" post, too.

Hi, I'm new here. My name is immewnity, and I run a little Pokémon fansite, PidgiNet. I've been a Pokémon fan for around nine years now, getting into the series post-Crystal, pre-RS. Collecting-wise, I'm mostly a card guy, but I have a shelf filled with a lot of random figures. Probably my prized possession would be a two-foot-tall (licensed) Charmander plush, made by Play-By-Play.

So, yeah. You probably won't be seeing me much around here, but whenever there's product news I'll try to post it.

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