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ModPost: Monthly Reminder, Video Collection Update and Wants

Good day everyone!

It's that time again!

That's right! ModPost: Monthly Reminder time! I will be reiterating and covering rules that have been consistently broken and/or ignored lately as well as introducing some new ones! So please read this post thoroughly regardless if you are a new or tenured member.

Image Size (Not under a cut)
I understand that we have a lot of new members, however this is one of the easiest rules to follow but it is continuously broken. Per our community rules images (AND VIDEO) must no exceed 500px in width. We have tried being nice by asking members to kindly resize the images... however, some members have either completely ignored the friendly reminders or simply failed to comply in a timely manner. Thus, just like any other rule breaking post, they will be removed.

Off-topic Posts
If the focus of your post is NOT Pokemon merchandise, it is OFF TOPIC. Of course discussing your in-game team, anime happenings, even cameos by merchandise of other franchises are OK, as long as they are not the focus of the post. This includes posts about how people should contact you because you aren't going to be on or will be away... it is YOUR responsibility to contact those who may need to contact you, especially if you owe payments. On that note, "who do I owe?" posts are not allowed. It is your responsibility to keep track of your purchases and what GAs you've participated in.

Customs in commission posts (as long as you have sales permission) and in collection posts are allowed. However, if you are posting your most recent Pokemon creation or art we need to make it clear that this is not the proper community to be doing so. You should really be showing off your custom creations and art over at poke_arts . If these posts are seen, they will be deleted.

GA Claim Disagreement/Issues
If a disagreement or issue arises regarding a GA runner's claim to an item, please contact a mod and do not argue or badger the GA runner in question. This way a mod can evaluate the situation and resolve the issue to avoid potential drama on the community.

Do Not Post More Than Once A Day
Our community is extremely large, and by posting multiple times per day you are cluttering up the page. The only exception to this is if you’re posting about newly announce merchandise. Otherwise, your post will be deleted. This rule does not mean you SHOULD post once a day every day. Please do not do this unless every single post has new and original material.

Please take a moment and read our community rules. It will make the world a happier and cleaner place... errr well at least, this community. ;)

Side Notes: The Shops/Permanent Sales Post and Collection Site Master Lists will be going away soon... only to be replaced with something more dynamic which will allow you, the member, to post your own listing. I'll have more details mid-September if everything works out the way I'm wanting. :)

Also, if you need to contact me directly please do so by e-mail or AIM (both modes of contact can be found on my profile). I'm finding too many PMs are not reaching me. That could partly because of the amount of traffic my poor PM box receives. <3

It has honestly been forever since my last collection update. I've been meaning to post one for months now, but I haven't had the opportunity to sit down and put it together. So, I decided an entertaining video collection update would be much better. Be sure to have your speakers on for this one. XD

As indicated in the video, I unfortunately forgot to include my DX Pikachu and Lapras pokedolls, so they are here:

A few fun facts about dakajojo's collection:
*Mew and Snivy are main collections (and also, my favorite Pokemon)
*115 Pokedolls total (this includes my duplicates - however, most are unique)
*3 DX Pokedolls (Mew, Pikachu, Lapras) though Lapras is a custom. :3
*4 PlushPlush (Meowth, Oddish, Chikorita, Bulbasaur)
*If you saw an empty space in the video, that just means something new will be moving in shortly. XD

I hope that you enjoyed viewing my collection (as well as jamming out to old Pokemon songs!)... it's been ages, and I do plan on posting updates that are not mod related more often. It is somewhat crazy to think about where my collection is today, when it all first started with just an Espeon pokedoll that my boyfriend dappermiju gave me. :)

I am still working on The Brass Tower, and am hoping to have it up and running soon. It will be nice to have a permanent place to display and catalog my collection. I will also offer hosting packages for members of this community who would like to have a collection site of their own. :3

Also, I will have a decently sized sales post that will be going up later this week. So be sure to keep your eyes out for that. It will be Pokedolls galore. XD

If anyone has any of the following, please let me know!

Mew 151 Pokemon Center Can Badge or Saporro Pokemon Center Pikachu Plush (Cowboy Pikachu)

The Mew 151 Can Badge has become a grail of sorts. -_-

Thanks for your time everyone, and I hope you all have a great rest of your weekend! Keep our friends on the East Coast of the United States in your thoughts and prayers. <3
Tags: collection, modpost, wanted
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