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2 trainer erika tfg auctions

Hey community! :D I hope you had a wonderfull weekend, or still have <3 Before presenting you the Erikas, there's another TFG I wanna know about.. If anyone ever saw it for real, had in it's hands or something. It's my new major majormajormajor grail ;__;
I NEED ONE IN MY LIFE LIKE SO SO BADDDD >o< Anyways, back to bussiness. I'll be auctioning on these ladies:
I'll be auctioning these two Trainer Erika TFGs, wich you can see in the pic above.Here's some stuff that you need to know: +Sales permission granted on 05/08/11 by dakajojo
+I ship from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Shipping will cost $5, anywhere in the world.
+The Starting price is $15 (each, without including shipping)
+I need the money, so NO TRADES at the moment. Sowwy ;_;
+Auction ends on the 31st, at noon. Countdown here.
+No sniping and minimun $1 bid increasements.

Uh uh.. I think that's all. I always forget something so lemme know if you notice what I forgot XD Anyways, happy bidding :D
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