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This is everything I have - plus the weekly wanted list

I posted this earlier, the format was all messed up, so I'm trying again. I haven't done a complete collection update in a while, I thought it would be nice to do one along with my wanted post.

First shelf contains all the Kanto pure Normal types, as well as any Johto or Sinnoh evolutions. Rattata and Raticate are hiding in the shadows, but they're there too.

The second shelf contains the Johto families, any Sinnoh evolutions, and the beginning of Hoenn all the way at the end. Sentret and Furret are hiding too.

The incomplete Hoenn families, all of Sinnoh, and what is currently available for Unova.

These are my random Zukans. I either got them because I like the Pokémon or they came in a set. Zorua, Zoroark, Hippopotas, and Hippowdon are hiding in the back behind Glalie.

This is the beginning of my Aipom and Ambipom collection. More items should be coming soon. That spot on the Aipom TFG's tail bugs me to no end... anyone have any recommendations for fixing it?

My very... very scarce Victini collection. Nothing else has really caught my eye Victini-wise. Except for maybe the Pokédoll.

My Tranquill or "Bernice" collection. The only reason why I have these is because I love my Tranquill in my game. Unfortunately I don't think this one will grow that much. I could MAYBE get the Zukan... but I don't like the block peg system they use.

And the miscellaneous section. I'm looking for the Groudon charm that matches that Kyogre charm.

My pre-order/trading figure shelf.

My little Zorua that has no name... he's lonely. Friends are on the way though! Can't wait for them~

As far as wanted items go, you should all know what I'm looking for. XD

I still need the Slakoth line and Castform Zukans.

I would pay quite a bit for the Slakoth line, just sayin' :P Castform isn't as much of a priority as Slakoth. Speaking of Zukans... what does a Barboach line usually run? I'm thinking about tryin to find one. An interest in Audino is starting to form too. More on that later. :3
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