pantherotter (pantherotter) wrote in pkmncollectors,

weeding and regular sales

Hello community! I am really sad to say that I have to do a collection weeding of my Lapras collection. ;.; I love her to bits but with all the BW merchandise coming out I need to make room for my new wants and save up for them as well.

In the picture and how much I am looking for are:
*A MWT American pokedoll- 18.00
*A singing kid- 3.00
*A dark blue kid- 3.00
*An MIP Tomy- 12.00
*A Burger King toy- 3.00
*A battrio coin- 1.00
*A 151 badge- 8.00
*A zukan- 50.00
*A HGSS dex charm- 25.00
*A MIB dice set- 10.00
*A MIB model- 10.00


I also updated my sales post with more items and lots, especially a settei lot I am offering very cheap in the flats section! Puzzles, badges, stampers, and more are also available! :D If you want something here combined with what is in my sales post, let me know!

To the pantherotter den!
Tags: lapras, sales
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