Aislyn (wishuponjirachi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

♥ Custom Poke Voodoo Auction Reminder ♥

Just wanted to remind you guys of my custom Pokemon Voodoo doll auction is ending tomorrow. C: If you missed it, I'm auctioning off a White doll, a N doll, a Black doll and a custom voodoo doll slot. :D I will only be making these three once, so if you're interested get those bids in before 6:00 PM PST tomorrow!

And White still has no bids. I would be open to haggling for her if anyone is interested. I just want her to go to a good home. ♥ C: Just let me know if your interested! ♥♥♥

I do still have custom Poke box slots open if any one is interested and my I'd still take custom bakery slots if anyone wants. ♥

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