Sheshy-San (eevee_kins) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Cleaning up Sales Lot

Im cleaning up my sales post,Want everything gone,for some reason Im unable to edit my sales journal,it comes out all blank and now it messed up so unable fix it for now.Im offering these to the community,before I list them on ebay so feel free to browse! Thank you,what not sold be put up on eBay so here your chance x]!

Zorua Minky Pokedoll + Pan Stickers
Price: 20$ shipped within the U.S
The Plush had 2 small tears but were sewn back,the tears were in his under fur you cant see them to well in the picture but tried to show them, nothing major,the hang tag has lots of creases and bends/folds.The pan stickers are in good condition.

Pokemon Figure Lot
Price: 25$ Shipped within the U.S
Most of the items are new or in good condition.Not separating.

Pokemon Plush Lot
Price: 25$ Shipped within the U.S
Most new with tags,mainly jakks plushes except for Tepig He is reversible pokeball.

Thanks for reading!
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