Tay (taycs) wrote in pkmncollectors,

auctions ending soon~

Just a reminder that my auctions are ending in about 2 hours!

Click for auctions!

Also, so this post isn't incredibly boring, have a look at these cute Pokemons I brought back from Japan last month <3

I really super duper want to go live over there (can I say that enough?) and I talked with some of the Japanese girls we met while we were there, and they said working in a cafe has a good hourly rate, and that they thought working in a Maid Cafe would totally suit me xD I really want to live in Tokyo which is obviously more expensive, so I'll have to find something more permanent (although to be honest I'm very "low maintenance", says my mom) cause I really wanna be a voice actress in Japan *w*)9

Also I kinda wanna ask the Tokyo Pokemon Center if they're hiring; I've been practicing my "I KNOW THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE DAKARA DERP" but I don't know how far a stretch that is... even if I get turned down I'll spend like 123456789 hours a day there anyway |D
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