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First Collection post! (huge)

This is my first time posting my colection since I'm new to the pokemon collectors community.
I've been collecting pokemon since it came out in America and never completely stopped since then. Of course I bought less while I was in high school but I recently got back to it now that I have a fulltime job :3

There are a few items missing that are still at my mom's house, but well you can see most of my collection here :D

So here is a fullview picture of my collection:

Here are some close-ups of each parts:

I got this Pikachu at Otakuthon 2 weeks ago and I absolutely love him! He's 31 inches tall and is always sitting on my couch so poeple can see him when they enter my appartment :D The only bad thing about him is that his tail is not like the official one >.< But who cares... he's so cute on the front XD

So here we have alot of backpacks (raichu, pikachu, mewtwo, togepi, jigglypuff), a pikachu purse, a pikachu plush, some pikachu and an eevee keychains, a cindaquil plush, a lugia and a pokedoll oh-ho. Oh yeah and a small abra plush that was into a big pokeball before I lost it.

Here are the rest of the pokemon backpacks (marill, squirtle, charmander and charizard). There is a Dewott pokemon center plush, a manaphy and minccino plush, an empty pokeball and a pikachu yoyo that was playing the song a while ago (but it died eventually XD). A pikachu cap and alot of random pokemon books, including the pokedex books in French.

This is my Ash cosplay that I wore this year at Otakuthon and a pikachu cap as a bonus :P There is also a heartgold soulsilver shirt but it is for little boys so it doesn't really fit me >.< When I bought it, it wasn't very clear in the description ;^^

Here we have a pokemon pillow with the bed sheets, a pikachu shirt, an articuno shirt my dad made a while ago, a charmander topps card tin and a legendary birds shirt from the 2000 movie.

Alot of topps and tcg tins at the top,  another 200 movie shirt but with elekid and electabuzz this time (I used to have an orange one too but it died... XD). Players guides for the games and a pokedex book for diamond and pearl. A pikachu pencil case that I got 10 years ago (it,s still mint for some reason O.O), all the pokemon episodes from season 1 and 2, some pokemon marble cases. Pokemon games (I have more but they are actually in my DS/GBA and 2 cards pouches (charmander and mewtwo).

Most of my pokemon cards, there are over 1000 in there even if it doesn't really show (the piles on the ground are very higher than they appear).

My promo cards that I keep in a black and white small binder. The ancient mew is on the top :D

Movie dvds, marble pouches, some posters...

The last picture :3
The rest of the marble pouches, some pen for the DS, my actual DS case (there are pokemon skins on it too), game boy color games.. and that,s mostly it I think :D

Like I said there is stuff missing, but that is what I could find at the moment. Hope you enjoyed and I think I may sell some stuff when I get the permission to sell eventually.

Have a nice (rainy :/ ) day!
Tags: cards, charizard, charmander, eevee, games, ho-oh, jigglypuff, lugia, marill, pikachu, plush, raichu, squirtle, togepi
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