minhimalism (minhimalism) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon Playing Cards?!

Hi guys, happy Sunday! I just wanted to share with everyone some playing cards I found in my drawer.. not sure if they're worth anything, so I wanted to ask you guys :D They're pretty cool and four in particular had really cool artwork so I figured I'd share. Does anyone know anything about these? :0

Cooler art and other random ones can be found under the cut! :D

I think this one is just gorgeous :D

This one is pretty much the silliest water Pokemon art ever. xD

More silly x]

*-* hehe.

Here is a cluster shot of some other ones!

As well as Ash and Team Rocket!

Thanks guys, hope you enjoy xD Again, if there's any interest or information on these things, I'd like to know :O Thank youu<3 ~
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