awlott006 (awlott006) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Qucik wants + Dittochu Plush Auction Reminder

Hello everyone, just wanted to post a quick wants list. I am a bit short on time, so I will make this quick. sorry to rush though this. >.<

1. Articuno Bell Plush
2. Articuno Poekmon Center Holiday mug
3. If you have any custom Articuno plush to sell, please show me, I am usually up for those. ^.^

Alright, now for the reminder! =)

I have an auction running for a MINT Rainbow Series Dittochu plush as well as a TOMY Mew Plush going on until Friday of next week at Midnight. Offers are still low, so please stop by if you are interested. =)

The link is as follows. =)

I will be back sometime soon with an update I hope.

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