Eidolon_Nights (eidolon_nights) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Saelling shadow less cards, how much are they worth? And is anyone interested? :o

So the other day my boyfriend and his brother pulled out thier pokemon base set cards from storage and it turns out they had a few shadowless cards! Here are the shadowless cards that they had: Holo (slightly damaged) Poliwrath Arcanine Dratini Weedle Sandshrew They are all in near mint condition, they have slight edge ware on the back. But I was wondering what the value of the cards might be. I will be posting pictures hopefully tomorrow so everyone can check them out. I WILL be selling them so I need to know about how much they are worth and if anyone is interested in them before I start a sales post with some really awesome base set cards and figures. :3 (Also, they are ONLY going to be for sale) <3
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