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End of Year MPC Plushies and Chibi Plush (Banpresto)

Hey guys, I just dropped by my nearby store to pre-order the I <3 Pikachu pillows and I saw their new catalogue and behold, the New MPC plushies and chibi plushies. The photo quality isn't very good because I didn't have a camera on hand so I used my terrible iPhone camera. If such pictures have already been uploaded please tell me and I'll remove the info tag (And maybe post since its my other post is on the same page)

For some reason I can't post anything at the end so I'm going to put my sales pug in front instead ><: 

First up, the MPC Plushies
October Samurott Set - Samurott, Whimiscott, Foongus, Beheeyem, Bisharp, Sawsbuck (I assume November) Serperior Set - Serperior, Swoobat, Scrafty, Galvantula, Litwick, Gothita
December set - Lilligant, Darmatian, Deerling, Rufflet, Simipour, Yamask
Now if you're wondering, where the heck is Emboar, I tell you, I have no clue why it wasn't in their order list, maybe it was in the previous catalogue. And there's one more I reckon it hasn't been posted on the comm before: Chibi Plushies!
3 Starters Remake (But I only see Oshawott and Tepig looks different, Snivy looks almost the same) Scraggy, Victini, Dwebble, Minccino, Cubchoo, Emolga
Also, I've got news that December, they'll be releasing a 27cm I <3 Pikachu Plush which I will probably be opening a Pre-order when that time comes (It will arrive in January). And apparently the shop is also thinking of bringing in the lovely I <3 Pikachu Keychain plushies that you've been seeing in denkimouse photos, but this is not confirmed. I will be updating more closer to the date
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