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collection and sales preview

I got some nifty things in the mail today, so it's time to play everyone's favorite game, Tell Me What These Things Are! Under the cut are a few figures, ~*metal charms*~, and a bunch of neat Celebi/Suicine/Lati@s movie goods, which will be up for sale in the near future!

First off, a few new things!

BATMONGA. Emolga's fantastic evolution.

Nahh, it's two MPC Emolgas back to back. (There totally should be more bat Pokemon, though.) Meet Nikolai and Perun, named after my friend and I's in-game Emolgas C:  I caved and got a second one so I could keep one in my collection and make the other a travel buddy xD MPC plush are so perfect for that! Nikolai will be accompanying me on vacation next week while Perun holds down the fort at home.

A few of my favorite zukan pieces! I got Umbreon from a random figure lot - I was planning on selling him, but then I remembered that Umbreon is totally rad.

These aren't new, but they lead into my next section fairly well! I love metal charms, oh man. These are probably some of my favorite things in my collection *u*

And now for the sales previews!

Metal charms metal charms woo! These are super nifty in particular - check out the backs! I also have a Squirtle, Pikachu, and Jigglypuff in the same style as that Mew.

These things are awesome, too - I love how they show the front and back of the Pokemon. I think I read once that these were made for each of the original 151, but I've never seen a Vulpix. Sad day!

Now these are just plain cute. I .. think they're metal? I haven't opened any to confirm. If not, they're deceptively heavy for plastic charms.

Adorable Raichu! :D He's so cute and fat. He has a scrape on the back of his head but is otherwise pretty lovely!

These look like kids, but they're a bit smaller ('Pix for reference!) They also feel more rubbery than plastic and they're very bendy/squishy. Also adorable. Also, movie goodies! I pretty much have no idea what most of this is or if it's hard to find or incredibly common - if you have any info on these, I'd love to hear! :D

The auction picture showed about a fourth of all of this, so opening the box and pulling out THING after THING was magical o_o Mostly movie 4/5, I think? Washcloths, notebooks, sticker sheets, and more!

Coins, stamps, and a backpack! The front is clear except for the picture - the white part is a piece of paper inside the bag.

The Lati stampers have stickers in the base and that is precious.

Notepads and an ID holder - the other side of it has a picture of Ash, Latias, and Latios, and the inside has a few ID compartments.

And finally, an enormous clearfile!

Everything in this post (except for my collection things, of course) will be up for sale/offer in the near future :D I'd sell them now, but I'm leaving on vacation for a week on Saturday and wouldn't be able to ship things before I leave. Let me know if you'd like to be alerted when the offers post goes up - I'd be happy to link you to it once it's up!

Thank you for reading and thanks in advance for any info C:
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