feraligroggles (feraligroggles) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Small sales :]

Lots of interesting things I received with a collection update I'll be making soon :O So now, I offer them to you!
1. I ship from the US to anywhere!
2. An additional $1 may be added to your purchase to cover the cost of a bubble mailer
3. I ship 4 days after receiving payment, in order to allow time for the money to transfer from Paypal to my bank account. 4. Paypal only please!
5. REASONABLE  haggling is welcome
6. I will hold items for 24 hours only, and I reserve the right not to hold an item for you if I don't know you or feel uncomfortable doing so. That's it!

(Feraligatr kids figure is for size comparison only!)

Gen 3 clock featuring Treecko, Torchick, Mudkip, and Pikachu. It works, but needs 1 AA battery. $4.00

1999 Pikachu talking.. thing. It works, and says "Pokemon, gotta catch 'em all!" and "Pikachu!" It can be programmed talk when you press the button, or talk by motion activation. $10.00

Sliding piplup action figure. (spins forward when you move the switch) $4.00

Venusaur "real" action, action figure. (flower spins off when you pull one of the leaves) $3.00

Talking and moving Psyduck and Togepi. Both work, Togepi needs batteries. $3.00  Each

Hitmontop Hasbro actuon figure. (has a few paint rubs and marks) $2.00

Chingling Jakks plush- $3.00
Togepi Jakks plush- $7.00
"Metro" plate Arceus- $6.00
Kids figures- $1.00  each, except clear Clefairy who is $2.00
Mcdonald's Zoroark with twisting action- $2.00
Random mini Clefairy figure- .50

Weavile sliding puzzle- $2.00
Marbles- .50 each
Aipom zukan- $4.00
Clefable metal charm (missing clasp)- .50

Thanks for looking!
Tags: aipom, arceus, budew, chingling, clefable, clefairy, hitmontop, ivysaur, mudkip, pikachu, piplup, psyduck, sales, togepi, torchic, treecko, venusaur, zoroark
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