Kanra (roihoxai) wrote in pkmncollectors,

I'm not sure if anyone else is based in Japan right now or not, but...

I'm flying out in a few hours for my semester-long study abroad. I have an Anime Merchandise shop and I'm going to be including Pokemon Center figures and dolls. I'm going to try to give priority to this community for the Pokemon items, though because I've been a member here for a long time. 

I'm going to be picking up some of the current plushies and the special-edition Halloween merchandise this week, so I'll try to make a post ASAP, but here's a preview!

It's sort of expensive for me to get to Osaka, so I'll be selling plushies at about $40. Please let me know if you really want me to pick one of these ones up! I'll be getting a lot of Cubchoo because I love him. *These are not the same as Pokedolls*... at least, the pictures are not the same. I'm fairly certain these ones are bigger, but I'll know more in two days!
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