Tits McGee (aleyina) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Tits McGee

Vulpix Grabber, Deoxys tin, Blaziken Auctions!

Hello everyone!
First off I want to say a big thank you to everyone who sold me stuff for my friend! He loved all your drawings and hung them up on his wall. He also loved all of his items and said how he hasn't gotten a present in ages. So you all helped make his day. Thank you so much <3 <3 He was also making his cubone figures attack his other miscellaneous toys :D
Now onto the juicy stuff Look what I got today!

All community rules apply. I need payment within 3 days of auctions end. If you cannot pay right away CONTACT ME. No sniping. Auction will extend 15 minutes! That gives someone enough time to get back to their email. Auction ends Friday at 10PM CST. I'll accept no less than $10 for the deoxys tin, $5 for Blaziken, and $40 for vulpix.

It is immaculate :D So cute too! ok thanks for being stupid LJ and messing up everything. It won't let me resize it...D: (wow I just figured out HTML) Cut still won't work. I hate you LJ

Blaziken candy grabber. He will steal yo candies. Near mint condition!

3 piece tin set! They all come apart ooooo Near mint. Light scratches that don't affect the image.

I am putting up threads now. Any questions please ask before bidding. Have fun :D
Tags: blaziken, deoxys, vulpix
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