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A collection update and looking for an US middleman

HI Pokemon Collectors !

I get some fantastic news this month !

Also, I'm looking for an US middleman, who could help me to get my Aerodactyl tomy with old amber ! Please !

I start with HYDREIGON ! ♥ ♥ ♥

I get my Hydreigon MPC Plush, MC+ and Cards from my firend raikou_chan who help me to get them from japan ♥
The Hydreigon Zukan was buy from ebay with the Reshiram and Zekrom.

I just fell in love of the MPC plushie. This hydreigon is just AWESOME and well made. I can look it for hours. It's an excellent quality plushie, recommended to all Hydreigon lovers !

I get some new 'dactyls too. Especially that museum figure. Wich is a very rare figure and the only closed mounth Aerodactyl figure. I'm glad to get it !

I won those Kecleon and Magby Tomy plushies on a GA and I was so happy to discover them in perfect condition, especially he's like just came out of the box !

Now, I just show you my collections in my display.

Thank for watching.
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