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Shadow less card auction! +cards for sale!

RULES -Bidding will end September 15th -NO SNIPING! In the event of someone trying  to snipe, the auction will be extended for an additional 15 minutes in order for others to get their bids in. - Bidding will increase by $1.00 or more for each bid. There will be NO BIN price for these items. - Serious bidders only! Please do not bid unless you are sure you have the money to complete the transaction please. - Payment through PayPal only. Payment will be due within 24 hours of the auctions end, unless other arrangements are made between myself and the winning bidder. - All items I ship are sent via USPS First-Class mail. Once the auction is over, I will be posting a new thread with totals and shipping costs so please make sure to check it out once it's posted! -I WILL be shipping out of the US :3 -I will not be responsible if things get lost in the mail -Not paying within a reasonable amount of time will result in negative feedback -Retracting bids is a big no!! Negative feedback will be given for doing it! -I made this auction for my boyfriends brothers items, I have them all of them in my room. We are still trying to reach a goal that he will hopefully find "suitable" for his cards. So good luck and have fun! <3First off: WHATS A SHADOWLESS POKEMON CARD?

Shadowless Pokemon cards are the first prints of the "Unlimited" main line of cards. These cards, like their later prints, were printed without the first edition stamp that the original cards were printed with. The manufacturer determined that the cards looked plain without the stamp and made changes to the appearance. The few Unlimited cards without these changes are considered collectors' items.

  1. Picture

    • The primary sign of a shadowless Pokemon card is the border around the card's main picture. Most Unlimited cards have black lines or a "shadow" around the picture, mainly around the right side and bottom edges. The first few cards printed didn't have this black shadow, and thus were given the name "shadowless."


    • The font on the cards is different as well. The shadowless cards' type is thinner and not as bold as the type on the later prints of the unlimited cards. This is noticeable on the monster's listed "HP" above the top right-hand corner of the picture. It's also noticeable on the monster's special abilities listed below the picture; these words take up less space on the shadowless cards.


    • The cards have different dates printed on them, because they were printed differently. The regular unlimited series cards have the dates "1995,96,98" printed in the bottom of the card. The shadowless cards have the dates "1995,96,98,99."


    • The colors are not quite as bold and bright on the shadowless cards, compared to their other Unlimited prints. The newer cards were made so their colors would stand out more--including the picture, the card's shaded background and the border. The shadowless cards look somewhat faded by comparison.

Alright, now that I have answered that question let us move onto the auction! Slight edge ware holo shadowless Poliwrath (please ask for pictures if your conserned about the condition!) Shadowless Arcanine, Dratini, Sandshrew and Weedle. Slight edge ware on the back but all are near mint. (Ask for pics!) Now onto the straight to sales for some holo cards! please feel free to make offers on them but be warned, I AM ONLY SELLING I WILL NOT BE DOING ANY TRADES! X3 PLEASE WAIT UNTIL THREADS ARE UP TO START BIDDING! <3   START BIDDING! <3
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