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Grass Energy!! Questions and wants

Okay, I have decided I want to collect all the types of Grass energy TCG cards there are. I know its kinda a silly thing to collect but since I'm collecting mainly grass pokemon other than my mains.. I thought it would be a fitting thing to collect. :)

I for sure need the following in mint condition..

1 Base Japanese
1 Holo HG/SS English
Holo HG/SS Japanese (if there is one)
HG/SS Japanese Holo
HG/SS Celebi English Holo
Movie Commemoration Random Pack Japanese
Black & White English
D/P English
Grass Cube 01 English
Grass Cube 01 Japanese
EX Holon Phantoms Englsih (if there is one)
EX Holon Phantoms Japanese (if there is one)
Energy Switch Japanese
Energy Switch English
Promo Holo English (I don't know what set this is from, all I can turn up is "promo")
EX Holon Phantoms Japanese Holo (if there is one)
Grass League Pin
Energy Recycle System Japanese
Energy Recycle System English
Energy Recycle System Holo Japanese (if there is one)
L2 Energy Exchanger English
L2 Energy Exchanger Japanese Holo
Pt4 Ultimate Zone Holo Japanese
Pt4 Ultimate Zone English

Please list your price with shipping to 98052. In an envelope with cardboard is fine with me.

I recently purchased these from the English sets HG/SS, Organized Play Holo, EX Holon Phantoms Holo, EX Power Keepers Holo, and EX Emerald Holo... Are there any others out there that have different designs I should put on my wants list? I'd rather not collect one grass energy from each set if they all have the exact same art/border. Do any of the other languages have different backs? Or cards with the Grass energy symbol on them(minus regular pokemon.. that would be a lot of cards.. lol)? I seem to recall a potion energy or something with a leaf on it or in the background. Also is there any other merch with that symbol on it? I was also considering collecting all the boxes for the Grass starter decks. But that might be a lot.. If any of you have those for sale go ahead and shoot those up here with prices too. Just the boxes, not the cards! :)

And of course a sales plug! Still many plush looking for homes! Adding a couple more in a few moments after I get some pictures! :) Click the picture to go there! I'm also going to be changing the prices of my customs and adding custom stickers! Taking a photo of those as well! :)
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