Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

alert! alert! alert!

i know we just had a modpost. but this is an emergency reminder!

please please PLEASE! remember this rule everyone. we want to attempt to eliminate the chance for ANY thieves to come and steal our money, whether it was their original intention or not. if you follow these steps it is possible you cannot have your money stolen anymore.

quoted from the rules:

If your buyer does not receive their item within 35 days of payment and especially if you are difficult to contact, a paypal dispute will be opened. Sellers- keep receipts and other proof of shipment (if possible) in case a buyer becomes suspicious and/or dispute is opened or if you need to prove a package was “lost”.

If the buyer chose seamail, as this is the slowest form of shipping.

If a natural disaster or strike is affecting the mail system.

If the item in question is a custom-made item.

This rule does not apply to GA/GB's as it is not a seller/buyer relationship. See the GA rules for more details.

people have mentioned before "but in my country the receipts aren't detailed enough" -- they aren't in japan either. they only say weight and cost, not even a country. but i still keep them all, and could scan, and show exactly how many packages were mailed out and that it matches up with the amount of orders people placed, if a situation ever arose. you, as a seller, must also do the same.

please, please do this. it does not matter if the seller is someone who has been a member for a long time (as someone like glanth was) or kept contact right up until the 45 day limit on paypal was breached (such as my_chapstick has done).

open a dispute. if the seller is angry at you for it, as long as they really did send the item and you get it, all will be fine. and sellers, try not to be angry, even if you KNOW you sent the item and it is possibly all the postal system's fault. come up with a system for working with buyers if their item goes completely missing in the mail. for example, i will send a 50% refund, or will replace the items in question, if possible, for less than shelf price. it's up to you what sort of policy you want to come up with.

in other news -- the GA rules are finally going to be finished with their update, and we finally are going to have better consequences in place for terrible customers! as the banning sellers with 3 negatives has been working well, we will soon be implementing temporary bans from the entire community for buyers who back out of sales, don't pay, or exhibit otherwise terrible behaviour.

that means -- make sure you are a GOOD BUYER -- it's actually very simple to be one -- read the rules if you are unsure!

AND THANK YOU to all sellers and buyers and members who are beautiful beautiful people who are nice to each other, pay, and ship, on time. You are amazing. And luckily, you are the majority.

one last thing. we have a new mod joining us soon. who could it beeeee? :D
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