zora_star (zora_star) wrote in pkmncollectors,

mystery plush solved! but who's the reshy?

Well, I'm back from PAX! It was a great trip with a few... minor... setbacks (7 hours at the airport...) but I will soon have a big collection update and even my FIRST sale coming up! So look forward to some goodies I got from the Pokedex 3D booth for sale :) Anyhow, I got to check out the Kinokuniya in Seattle and it's so far the BEST one I've been to! Some of the prices were high, but can't go wrong with $3.50 Kids^^ However, there were cell phone charms at $5.99 which seemed WAY over priced! I was thinking of getting this clear overdrive Reshiram, but not only did the price seem high, but I have NOT seen this guy before! Not sure if bootie or not... Although I did see copyright stuff on all the charms, I'm still curious on this guy, especially what set hes from (and hoping to buy him off the Community in the future for, hopefully less than $6).

Also, I noticed these funny looking plush amongst the authentic Jakks. These guys, looked like Jakks plush, but were more like immitations. They apparently had zippers on their backs, so I guess coinpurses? There was also a Tepig that was sitting.


Here's a closeup of the hangtag, with a company I've never even heard of. Once again, looks like a Jakks immitation. The tushtag had just "Pokemon" on it, no copyright info like the tag, which was of course, even more suspicious.

Anyone have any idea on the Reshy or the strange plush? It was just odd if they are booties, to be found in a Japanese import store, full of legit goods, although I know it does happen sometimes.
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