acciolucius (acciolucius) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Shipping + Sales Updates

Just to let you guys know, all packages have been shipped out as of today. :)

In a week or so I'll post a commission thread for the month of September. I have new images for my keychains, so keep a look for the post. I hope to have a collections post at least put together if not posted by that time as well. My last few perchases are finally staring to trickle in. (yay)

I've updated my sales page with new images and items. I've also weeded out most of what has already been sold. I'm open to trades. My main collections are Snivy, Lugia, Lapras, and N. I would also trade for these items : Emolga Pokedoll and PC plushes, Axew PC plush, and the Cyndaquil Pokedoll.

Click the banner to be transported to my sales. Granted Sales Permission on 7/20/2011 by dakajojo.
Tags: books, cards, figures, plush, sales
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